Review: The Silent Years by Steph Messa

Okay, at the moment, this gorgeous book is still searching for a publishing home (coughLETITHAPPENLORDcough). But I was very privileged and honored to read its early versions, and YOU GUYS. I cannot brag enough about how much the words this woman writes continue to inspire how I view myself and the women all around me.

The Silent Years takes on the misogynistic worldview of Abrahamic religions in a fantasy setting with an incredible cast. Adair battles against the expectations forced upon the women in her society to discover the truth about their gods, and finds her voice with the help of her sisters and friends. Love fights hypocrisy and harsh law to set the record straight and restore a forgotten god to her rightful place among her brothers. Beauty is found in all creation. Courage prevails. Self acceptance and love. Strength in friendship. These are some of the powerful messages engraved throughout this story. The world building is haunting and luscious and ethereal. The characters are relate-able and hilarious and perfect in their flaws.

It is one of my greatest parenting wishes to have a signed hardback copy of this book for my children to read many times over, as I have. Everyone, EVERYONE should be reading this book. TSYaesthetic

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