Review: You’d Be Mine by Erin Hahn

I had the chance to read an early copy of You’d Be Mine, and y’all, I couldn’t put it down. 11/10 recommend this if you’re looking for gorgeous story of love and heartache set amidst the backdrop of today’s Country Music scene.

I have to admit, this story really brought me back to some roots I thought I’d left in the dust, and has definitely inspired a newfound appreciation for country music, both classic and modern (something I honestly never thought would EVER happen). But Annie Mathers and Clay Coolidge sucked me into their chaotic world of summer tours, music label string pulls, and just writing really outstanding, personal, raw songwriting (several original songs written by Hahn that had me in straight up TEARS).

The characters face some personal demons that have the reader rooting for them from page one, and their chemistry as they perform together on summer tour is electrifying. Swoony moments filled with witty banter and passion for their craft. Can’t wait to read anything else Hahn writes because it’s a very talented writer that can make me fall in love with country music!

Paired best with some Johnny and June playing in the background and a big ol’ pitcher of your southern grandma’s sweet tea.YBMaes